Presenting Episode 1 of the artist spotlight series

artist spotlight series

Toneman Productions is proud to introduce the artist spotlight series, which will feature talented unsigned artists representing jazz, latin jazz and world music.

We are committed to providing a platform for these talented musicians to showcase their work and get noticed by music listeners as well as industry professionals.

We strive to create an environment where creativity can thrive, allowing us to bring the best of what we have to offer.

now presenting our featured artist ….

Strong Persuaders

Strong Persuaders are a pop, rock, blues, jazz band from Canada that has been playing together since childhood. Their style continues to evolve over the years as they constantly strive to make music that can be enjoyed by all.

The Days is an upbeat, jazz inspired pop song that aims to put listeners in a feel-good mood. The strong and vibrant horn section serves to truly bring the emotions of this song to life.


Javier Moreno

Barcelona singer songwriter Javier Moreno presents Despedida, which translates as Farewell, a deep song about letting go, releasing, and saying good bye to things or people that no longer serve our path, not in a selfish way, but in recognizing that deep knowledge of the heart of when is time to move on and practice Acceptance.

  • World, Singer Songwriter, Acoustic
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Kosta Lois

Kosta Lois is a music producer & songwriter from Greece presently living in Los Angeles, CA. Kosta has this beautifully composed track called Acercate.


Rhett Dela Cruz

Rhett Lotilla-Dela Cruz is a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada who has a great passion in music. His mission is to create songs that can encourage and uplift people’s hearts in every circumstance.

You Are My Strength is a song for everyone struggling with depression and to everybody who feels weary and giving up on their dreams already. Rhett wrote this song as a prayer and reminder that when we have trials life, we have a God who is in control and our miracle-worker!

  • Gospel, Alternative Pop Rock, Inspirational
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No le pidas perdón is the first single Malbo ft Viex on the controls release with Level Waves Music.

No le pidas perdón presents atraction to the young audience within relationship issues, the classic situation where a breakup leaves the woman feeling overwhelmed by an ex that is still present, and she finds a third person in a night of passion to turn over into the freedom she needed.


Moon Rovers

Moon Rovers and talented pianist Tony Karapetyan have released a new message to the world. They are sending a direct message to top cosmopolitan Elon Musk.

At a time when society is dividing people into friends and enemies, who else to turn to, if not a person who believes more strongly in the unity of all people?

During his life, Elon Musk received millions of requests in various forms. But never before has the text of the message about space been so beautifully seasoned with love and sexuality in the styles of UK funky house mixed with experimental jazz.

WHAT IS a Moon Rovers Band? This is a breath of fresh air in an airless space. A team that is able to decorate even the most dull and lifeless place, see the positive in the ordinary and turn not the best day of your life into a holiday.


Cheryl Craigie

Cheryl Craigie is an independent singer, songwriter and musician. Singing since childhood, her passion for composing original music has blossomed in recent years. Her original songs evoke powerful emotions about love and life. To date, she has co-produced five songs with Eric Goldberg, including two originals.

Cheryl Craigie’s cover of Rescue offers a hopeful and unwavering commitment to a loved one struggling. The soft tempo of the song, blended with a gospel feel of optimism is what makes this version of “Rescue” so compelling.


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